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Meet Hal: The First AI Assistant for K-12 and Higher Ed Recruitment & Enrollment

Meet Hal: The First AI Assistant for K-12 and Higher Ed Recruitment & Enrollment
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If you’ve been busy over the last few months (and if you’re an enrollment professional, you probably have), you might’ve missed the latest efficiency craze taking over the workforce: AI assistants. AI assistants have existed since the 1960s, but with the latest breakthroughs in natural language processing, they are on the fast-track to hyper-productivity.

Most of them are generalized–made to complete automatable tasks required across industries–but some are targeted to help with industry-specific workflows. For enrollment professionals, that AI-assistant is Hal. This first-of-its kind AI enrollment assistant is capable of data analysis, content generation, lead summarization, and making helpful suggestions up and down your funnel. Here’s a little primer on what it looks like to have Hal on your side.

Hal for AI Content Generation

We’ve seen some incredible things from AI in the last few months, but one of the biggest remains the ability to produce treasure troves of personalized content in an instant.

Ever stared at a blank email slate for what feels like hours? Hal, like ChatGPT or Bard, can personalize emails and change the tone and content based on simple commands, then send them from his email builder. He lives in Halda’s leads portal, where he also summarizes your lead profiles and recommends next steps.

AI-Generated Email in Halda Leads Management

Of course, Hal is AI, so he doesn’t get offended if you want to add a more human touch. If you don’t like his email content, ask him to change his tone, make it less wordy, or go back to the drawing board and give it another try. Once you’ve got the version you want, you can go into the doc to make any last-second edits.

The fact is, most of these emails are important, but relatively formulaic. Trying to come up with different ones each time is simply not realistic, but using the exact same one over and over is a recipe for disconnection. Students see right through it. Hal is the happy medium: personalization without the pain.

Hal for AI Conversations

This AI revolution’s most amazing revelation is undoubtedly this: We can now have human conversations with a machine. Artificial intelligence can learn, it can react, it can tweak its responses based on human input and prompts. You can also train it on particular information so that the natural language model serves your specific purposes.

Conversational Search

In just seconds, Hal learns information about your school, then he conveys that information in response to specific questions. He likes to be friendly and informal, but he also likes to be correct. That’s why he has temperature settings that allow you to set limits on his creative license when answering questions.

Where does Hal use this conversational acumen? Well, interactions take place all over the app, but the most powerful conversations are in Conversational Search.

Conversational Search is a product we developed to reimagine that stale, ineffective site search tool that already lives in the top-right corner of every university website. 3%-4% of university web traffic still uses this tool even though everyone knows it doesn’t really work.

With Conversational Search, people can ask Hal whatever they want, and he’ll respond conversationally with the most up-to-date information. As your visitors interact with Hal, they’ll also get served the latest links to the information if they want to do a deeper dive.

And if visitors want even more interaction, Hal delivers Halda DLPs within Conversational Search that deliver information and capture leads.

Hal for AI Recommendations

Hal looks over interaction and demographic data, then recommends your next steps for communication. He’ll tell you the places your visitors are checking out and what kind of specific content they might be looking for.

This is helpful for a number of reasons:

  • You can do more specific follow-up.
  • You can connect your leads to the right people.
  • You can get a better sense of who is most interested.

An unexpected perk of this tool is the ability to identify content gaps. Say your students are looking for information that you realize you either don’t have or haven’t addressed in a really long time. Hal’s recommendations help you identify where those content blind spots are. Then you can fill them as quickly as possible.

This is just the beginning of Hal’s education. Every day he’s mastering new skills and improving the one’s he’s already learned. If you want to meet Hal, schedule a meeting or immediately see the what he can do in our personalization demo environment. He’s the key to presenting your school as the best version of itself whether that’s on the website or during your interactions with prospects.

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