Why Halda?

Enrollment marketers have had to cobble together disparate solutions and disjointed workflows to enact their strategies. Enrollment marketing is the last enterprise function with no go-to platform in the education space...

Until Now.

POINT 1: Gain Full Visibility

In 30 seconds, install Halda globally across your digital properties. Then we will instantly start building a cohesive data-layer empowering you to visualize all up-funnel traffic and down-funnel results.

POINT 2: Convert More

Halda helps you break two paradigms

1. The "One and Done" chance to convert a click on a landing page. Auto-retarget visitors any time they return to your website.

2. "Learn More" and "Apply Now" are weak calls to action. Be present for the student by delivering real, in-the-moment value through AI-powered inquiry forms.

Be the marketer that gets up to 300% more conversions at each step of the enrollment funnel.

POINT 3: Personalize Follow Up

With Halda installed, you can empower both your institution's admissions team and your drip campaigns with robust detail about each prospective student and AI-generated next-step suggestions.

POINT 4: Playbooks

We know higher ed (hundreds of colleges and university partners) and have solutions built just for your use cases in grad, undergrad, transfer, adult, online, and certificate programs.


With Halda you can:

Install Halda

Estimated time: 1 minute
Installing Halda on your website only takes 30 seconds, and requires no changes to your existing site. By installing Halda you have created your very own unified layer of first-party data that automatically identifies prospective students and builds profiles as they move from landing page to ledu and back again.

Gain full visibility

Estimated time: 0 minutes
Halda tracks and segments all traffic. This gives you instant insight into organic and paid traffic flows, and your AI assistant will help identify your biggest opportunities to increase engagement and inquiry capture.

3x Conversions and automatically personalize and retarget

Estimated time: 20 minutes
Reimagine your inquiry forms with the assistance of AI, immediately deliver on promised value, and instantly start prospects on a personalized content journey. Now you can automatically remember, retarget, and personalize the experience for every prospective student every time they digitally engage.

Know the value of every campaign

Estimated time: 0 minutes
Automatically attribute enrollments back to the initial campaigns that introduced the students to your school (paid media, student search, organic SEO efforts, or other referrers).

Feature Summaries

With Halda, and our AI assistant Hal, you can:

AI-Powered Inquiry Forms

Triple your lead capture by having AI help you build quizzes, assessments, surveys etc. all of which instantly take what the user submits to provide an instant dynamic response personalized to their interests and needs. Speed to lead now equals zero minutes.

Halda Integrates Everywhere

We know how crucial it is to have all of your systems “talk”. Halda can connect to any app inside your ecosystem


Is your system ADA compliant? Can you provide a VPAT?

Yes! Halda has annual third party audits for both security and ADA compliance performed every year. Once those assessments are completed, we update our VPAT and HECVAT documents. These documents are available to all current and future partners upon request.

Can Halda provide a HECVAT or other security review?

Yes! As stated above, Halda has annual third party audits for both security and ADA compliance performed every year. Once those assessments are completed, we update our HECVAT and offer it to all current and future partners upon request.

How long does it take to get implemented?

Getting started only takes a total of about 10 minutes. Our consultants and AI assistant, Hal, will help with the rollout and implementation of our tools. From there we recommend spending about 1 to 2 hours per week adding meaningful content to your Halda ecosystem. Throughout this process, our team follows up with consistent support and optimization.

Will Halda work for me?

We would be shocked if it did not. After working with us, hundreds of educational institutions consistently find that personalizing the prospective student journey with our tools increases the volume of captured inquiries, generates more high-quality leads, and has a massive impact on down-funnel conversions between inquiry and leading up to enrollment.

Will Halda slow down my site speed?

Our tools load asynchronously on your website, so your site speed remains unchanged despite offering a new, personalized experience.

How much does a subscription cost?

We offer personalization packages that fit every school’s enrollment needs, but the price depends heavily on the size of your school and the services sought. Connect with a sales representative to learn how we can provide value that fits your needs and budget.

Featured Partners

Ruffalo Noel Levitz
VIV Higher Education
Salesforce is the top-of-mind CRM for business professionals, so we’ve built integrations that effortlessly transfer the information we collect into their database. The result? Streamlined, informed communications that are easily personalized with help from AI.
Since Slate is the go-to CRM for higher education, it made sense to build a two-way connection between our tools and Slate’s database. The result? AI-supported drip campaigns, follow-up communications, and marketing campaign evaluation automatically informed by our data connection.
RNL provides best-in-class marketing for higher education, so they recognized our best-in-class website conversion. Since March ‘24, we’ve worked with RNL to turn school websites into a data and conversion hub that connects every marketing and admissions practice from first touch to enrollment.
Viv is a visionary higher education marketing agency that appreciates our vision for the student experience. Since 2023, we’ve teamed up to create the most effective full-funnel marketing experience available in higher education enrollment management. With the help of Suzan Brinker’s leadership, we’ve found inspiring ways to integrate our website conversion into fantastic marketing campaigns.

Every 0.44 Seconds

Halda personalizes the experience for a prospective student.

How often are you personalizing the experience for your students?

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