Why Halda?

Finally, an affordable and effortless solution to personalize every step of the prospective student journey for each individual prospect


It only takes 30 seconds to get started. Just install the script and we can go live


Dramatically increase your conversions by up to 300% at any step of the funnel from discovery and consideration to decision.


Leverage Halda’s award winning customer success team and our AI assistant Hal to save you hundreds of hours of work each recruitment cycle.


We know higher ed (hundreds of colleges and university partners) and have solutions built just for your use cases in Grad, Undergrad, Transfer, Adult, Online, and Certificate Programs.


With Halda, and our AI assistant Hal, you can:

Install Halda

Estimated time: 1 minute
Installing Halda on your website only takes 30 seconds, and requires no changes to your existing site

Activate Conversational Search and Site Analytics.

Estimated time: 0 minutes
Upon install, you can instantly activate Conversational Search (ie - the ability to answer any question based on your existing website content) and Site Analytics to identify your biggest opportunities to convert more traffic

Build & Retarget

Estimated time: 20 minutes
Over the course of each year, Hal, our AI assistant, and our customer support team will help you build out a network of high-converting Dynamic Landing Pages (DLPs) that personalize each step of the student journey and help you convert 300% more

Review and Optimize

Estimated time: 20 minutes
Our experts are with you every step of the way to go over monthly reports, review ROI, and optimize the system to meet your changing needs, campaigns, and goals

Feature Summaries

With Halda, and our AI assistant Hal, you can:

Dynamic Landing Pages (DLP’s)

Triple your lead capture by having Hal help you build quizzes, assessments, surveys etc. all of which instantly take what the user submits to provide an instant dynamic response personalized to their interests and needs. Speed to lead now equals 0 minutes.

Halda Integrates Everywhere

We know how crucial it is to have all of your systems “talk”. Halda can connect to any app inside your ecosystem


Is your system ADA compliant? Can you provide a VPAT?

Yes! Halda has annual third party audits for both security and ADA compliance performed every year. Once those assessments are completed, we update our VPAT and HECVAT documents. These documents are available to all current and future partners upon request.

Can Halda provide a HECVAT or other security review?

Yes! As stated above, Halda has annual third party audits for both security and ADA compliance performed every year. Once those assessments are completed, we update our HECVAT and offer it to all current and future partners upon request.

How long does it take to get implemented?

Getting started only takes a total of about 10 minutes. Our consultants and AI assistant, Hal, will help with the rollout and implementation of our tools. From there we recommend spending about 1 to 2 hours per week adding meaningful content to your Halda ecosystem. Throughout this process, our team follows up with consistent support and optimization.

Will Halda work for me?

We would be shocked if it did not. After working with us, hundreds of educational institutions consistently find that personalizing the prospective student journey with our tools increases the volume of captured inquiries, generates more high-quality leads, and has a massive impact on down-funnel conversions between inquiry and leading up to enrollment.

Will Halda slow down my site speed?

Our tools load asynchronously on your website, so your site speed remains unchanged despite offering a new, personalized experience.

How much does a subscription cost?

We offer personalization packages that fit every school’s enrollment needs, but the price depends heavily on the size of your school and the services sought. Connect with a sales representative to learn how we can provide value that fits your needs and budget.

Every 0.85 Seconds

Halda personalizes the experience for a prospective student.

How often are you personalizing the experience for your students?