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Halda Powers Ruffalo Noel-Levitz's New Website Optimization Suite: Intelligent Web Solutions

Halda Powers Ruffalo Noel-Levitz's New Website Optimization Suite: Intelligent Web Solutions
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Halda has officially partnered with Ruffalo Noel-Levitz (RNL). We understand if you’re curious about what  this means and how it might affect your current and/or future connection with Halda. So, as a primer for navigating this newly-minted relationship with RNL, we thought we’d go ahead and address some questions.

Question #1: Why is Halda partnering with RNL?

There’s a long version and a short version of this answer. We’ll provide both. Short answer? RNL is an innovative and highly-respected enrollment marketing force in higher education, and we help them fill a need for website personalization and conversion.

Here’s the long answer. Smart people in higher education have identified a clear need for higher ed marketing to evolve. Part of this is because the rules have changed. The Search Cliff has slashed–to varying degrees based on location and school–the effectiveness of traditional list-based marketing strategies. There’s more competition for fewer names; and this only stands to get worse as the FCC’s ruling on one-to-one consent further prevents schools from getting their hands on valuable lists of interested undergraduate prospects.

What this means is less down-funnel yield from traditional marketing strategies–strategies that aren’t getting any less expensive. This is forcing higher ed to look at a marketing pivot toward organic traffic and content-based messaging. It also puts the student experience at the center, because schools simply can’t afford for their more limited, hard-won traffic to bounce.

The good thing is that these Search Cliff-inspired changes actually prepare higher ed for the next drop-off: The Demographic Cliff. This precipitous decline in the number of traditional college-age students in the United States hits in 2025, as higher education already faces its fair share of slings and arrows. 

Keeping higher education on track will require not only creatively reaching potential students, but giving them an experience that feels accessible and attractive. RNL identified Halda as an innovative builder of that student experience. Through Halda, they can now provide personalized, targeted information that drives conversion throughout the enrollment funnel. And for us to provide that for one of the most respected, helpful higher ed search and consulting firms? We couldn’t be happier to do so.

Question #2: Is this an exclusive partnership?

No. We’re excited to work together in an official capacity and to be associated with a pillar in the higher ed marketing space, but we still have plenty of other avenues for helping schools. We are still embracing partnerships with other agencies and entities when we find a good fit. We will also continue to partner independently with schools who are looking to boost their website’s conversion potential.

Questions #3: Will this change anything about my current or future contract with Halda?

No. If your institution already works with Halda, we will still continue to work with you in whatever capacity you see fit. Of course you can add RNL services to complement what Halda already does, but you are under no obligation to do so. Also, if you already partner with both RNL and Halda, both investments will be reinforced by marketing efforts built increasingly to work in concert.

Question #4: I already work with a different agency, does this change my relationship with Halda?

Of course not! As we said, this is a non-exclusive partnership. We are still happy to collaborate with other agencies and vendors to make sure your website provides the best conversion experience.

Question #5: If I work with Halda as part of RNL’s overall package, what level of service will I receive from Halda? 

Halda will provide the same level of service and conversion tooling to partners through the RNL partnership as we do through our independent contracts. This includes features like the Hub, DLPs, campaign tracking, and the analytics dashboard. Halda has also trained RNL account representatives to provide additional support for partners who work with both organizations.

Thanks for getting to know more about what we think will be an incredibly helpful partnership!

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