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Halda's Full-Funnel Attribution: From Impressions to Enrollments

Halda's Full-Funnel Attribution: From Impressions to Enrollments
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As a higher ed marketer or enrollment professional, you undoubtedly understand the frustration of trying to attribute down-funnel results to specific marketing efforts. An imperfect picture of your marketing ROI makes budgeting and strategizing feel like stumbling around in the dark.

At Halda, we’re doing our best to bring clarity by linking specific marketing campaigns and channels to down-funnel enrollments. 

Sound too good to be true? We promise it’s not. Here’s how we’re changing the way enrollment marketers understand where their students are coming from:

Step 1: Set your website up for tracking

Halda tracks the source of your website visitors and their interactions on your website. First, we log the origin of the traffic. We can tell you how many users arrived from social media, Google Search, digital ads, and other channels. Then, if you’ve set up UTM tags for specific campaigns, we’ll also tell you how much traffic came from those efforts. This allows you to get a comprehensive, at-a-glance view of your traffic sources.

Once visitors are on your site, Halda keeps up with the pages they visit and the interactions they have on those pages. Still, at this point, we don’t know who they are–they’re just a number. That’s where our AI-powered lead capture systems fill the void.

Step 2: Optimize lead capture across your website traffic

Our high converting lead capture forms (we call them Dynamic Landing Pages, or DLPs) live across your website. These forms are not your typical RFIs. They prompt personalized interactions that offer in-the-moment value. By answering key questions and directing students toward meaningful action, they provide an immediate incentive for visitors to tell you about themselves. The result is a boost in conversions on the website and high-quality information for following up with leads. 

Halda Retargeting Hub for lead capture

Once students have identified themselves, we finally have a name to link with all that previously logged information. That information goes into their student profile and your CRM, which gives you a full picture of where they came from, what they’ve looked at, and how you might be able to help them.

Historically, this data has been underutilized. Who has time to review it, analyze it, and draw actionable conclusions from it? With Halda, however, that’s finally possible.

We run all the behavioral and psychographic data through our AI models. Then the AI auto-generates suggestions for further interaction, personalizes emails, and provides insight into what drove the initial conversion.

The result: Specific down-funnel communication that meets students in their phase of the buyer’s journey and nudges them through the pipeline toward enrollment.

Step 3: Link everything to enrollments

All these actions are mostly fluff if they don’t lead to enrolled students, and most enrollment management teams are left wondering which of their efforts truly worked. Sure, the data is out there somewhere, but it’s nearly impossible to track down, and that analysis is far from scalable. 

Fortunately, Halda can establish a two-way connection with a school’s CRM to automate the attribution process. Halda combines CRM data about each lead’s down-funnel progress with its up-funnel data about first clicks and campaigns.

Campaign tracking from impression to enrollments

This gives enrollment management teams unprecedented clarity on where their efforts are making an impact. Because decisive actions like starting an application or submitting an enrollment deposit get tied back into that student profile, you can see, on an individual basis or in aggregate, where students came from, how you snagged them, and what they did all the way through the enrollment funnel.

Of course, looking at this on a student-by-student basis is fun, but it’s hardly efficient. Fortunately, Halda tracks and then visualizes your enrollment funnel on a campaign and source basis. You can see where the origin of your traffic, the extent to which traffic from that source converted to a lead, and how many of those leads decided to enroll. It’s a first-touch to enrollment visualization that allows you to see precise building blocks of your enrollment class.

Step 4: Full-Funnel attribution achieved!


Why is this so powerful? Let’s start with where you are spending your money. You can see exactly how much tuition revenue came from each campaign and compare that to how much you spent. At that point, it’s simple math to decide if that marketing initiative was worth the money and trouble you spent building it.

Whether you’re working with a marketing agency or within your own team, you now have the data you need to invest your resources responsibly. 

This means you’ll run leaner, cleaner, and with confidence that the dollars you’re spending are making a real difference. That’s not a feeling that an enrollment marketer or leader gets very often and we’re excited to do our part in providing it. To find out how we can make a powerful difference in the way you make data-driven decisions, reach out to us! Or learn more about how our partners use our tools to transform their website experience.

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