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Halda Gains Official Recognition as a Slate Preferred Platinum Partner

Halda Gains Official Recognition as a Slate Preferred Platinum Partner
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April 2, 2024- Halda is delighted to announce its newly-minted status as a Slate Preferred Partner. This partnership is an acknowledgement of Halda’s consistent commitment to supporting institutions that use Slate through innovative integrations and services. 

Slate recognizes Halda’s deep understanding of their product functionality and utility. Halda has met stringent requirements for supporting Slate users by offering unique value, exceptional service, and thoughtful innovation. This announcement is the culmination of months of work supporting current and future higher education partners by transforming their enrollment processes.

What this means, from a practical perspective, is that Halda will now have access to exclusive resources to help further support Slate users. Halda will also be included in Slate’s directory of official partners, signifying to users that Halda has been vetted and approved as a builder of innovative resources that integrate with Slate’s systems.

To recognize Halda’s expertise, Slate will also provide the company with multiple opportunities–through conferences, webinars, etc.–to stand alongside them and offer insight as experts in the realm of higher education marketing and enrollment.

Halda is proud of this partnership for its own merits, but also for what it represents. Halda devotes considerable time, resources, and ingenuity to creating a better user experience through helpful integrations. Slate, as a titan in higher education advancement technology, is the first to become integrated; but since creating that breakthrough connection, Halda has also established integrations with software like Salesforce, FACTS, and Zapier.

This, ultimately, is an effort to follow the path that companies like Slate have been blazing for decades: To take higher education further, faster, with more efficiency than ever. It’s a direction that everyone must take if higher education is to gracefully weather dramatic changes to demographics, marketing tactics, and, ultimately, expectations of the educational experience.

Halda is proud to be recognized as a company that lives at the forefront of that effort to create future-proof, value-intensive institutions of higher learning.

About Halda:

Halda is the industry’s first AI powered enrollment marketing platform bringing campaigns, your website, and Slate into perfect harmony. Halda brings you out-of-the-box high performing playbooks that can be tailored to your brand and voice with a click of a button thanks to the power of artificial intelligence. 

Key benefits:

1) Improved Student Experience - 93% of students report that Halda’s assets were helpful.

2) Increased Lead Volume - You should see a 2x to 5x bump in your lead volume on your existing website (no website rebuild necessary).

3) Budget Savings Through Transparency - Halda automatically attributes leads, apps, and enrollments back to original sources helping you to cut unproductive campaigns.

Implement Halda by yourself, with our help, or through any marketing agency you work with.

About Slate: 

Over 1,800 colleges and universities trust Slate by Technolutions to manage their admissions/enrollment management, student success, and advancement needs. Slate has been developed exclusively for higher education and is the preeminent solution for recruiting students and donors, providing the best combination of qualified services, value for money, and experience.

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