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Halda Product Updates: The Halda Hub & More

Halda Product Updates: The Halda Hub & More
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The Halda Hub

Halda is quickly evolving to anticipate the website personalization needs of clients. And as part of our mission to produce the most responsive, effective tools possible, we are proud to announce the Halda Hub. The Halda Hub is an interactive environment that engages visitors with personalized content when they revisit your website.

The Hub builds on the personalized experience that Halda already offers to website visitors.

“This enables institutions to create custom content environments for a variety of different audiences, from prospective graduate students, to undergraduates, to transfers, to international students. Each of their stakeholder populations receives a content suite tailored to their background and needs.” -Spencer Peterson, Halda CoFounder and CTO

For now, first-time visitors are still greeted by a Dynamic Landing Page(DLP), where they share information about themselves. The Hub then creates a content environment where users can easily shift between topics. Along with this content, the Hub is home to quicklinks and secondary CTAs that take visitors to your most high-value web properties.

“For our higher ed clients, The Hub is the portal where students will come to address all their moments in the recruiting cycle. In our beta testing, 32% of students who initially dismissed the Smart Form, interacted with the Hub to answer questions and overcome concerns during their decision process. We are excited about the future opportunities this new functionality will give all of our partners to provide a human experience at scale.” -Jon Grover, Halda VP of Product

AI-Integration & The Template Library

The Hub makes the content experience more efficient for visitors, but we’ve also worked to build the in-app experience for our clients through two recent upgrades: AI-integration and the Template Library.

Artificial intelligence is now integrated into the app to help build out Halda's Dynamic Landing Pages. Within the app you can now create responses to key questions with the help of an AI-based natural language model. This saves our partners an average of 30 minutes for each Smart Form creation, so it’s even more efficient to build personalized content for your website visitors.

Our new Template Library also streamlines the content-building process. Within the DLP builder, clients can now select between templatized designs that are fast and easy to personalize with branding and interactive prompts. These are great if you want to plug and play with your information, or if you’re looking for examples to help you brainstorm your own designs. Either way, they add a useful wrinkle to the content creation process for our clients.

Our Expanding Team

These advances have come out of a dedicated effort to build a team that works hand-in-hand with our clients to create the most effective personalization experiences. In just the last few months we’ve created a Product Team to help turn client suggestions into concrete solutions. We’ve also beefed up our software engineering team to kick the product development process into high gear. Finally, our newly-minted Partner Support supports our account managers through technical integrations and product implementation.

Positive Results

The value of these efforts is evident, with tools that both transform and tweak the personalization experience. And for our client-partners, performance has been immediately positive. Initial rollouts of the Hub have generated a ~30% increase in student inquiries over the past three months, with a lead conversion rate of over 5% for visitors who clicked on the Hub. And many of these positive results were rolling in before we optimized the Hub with the Template Library and AI-integrations.

Basically, the Hub is a powerful tool that’s primed to become even more valuable. To signify this change and to create a refreshed web experience, Halda has also updated their website domain. What was formerly is now This is where clients will log in to the Halda app, find out about new personalization features, and learn the latest strategies for optimizing your conversion rate.

Halda is changing fast, but these changes are a natural extension of Halda’s foundational mission. Co-founders Lance Hydrick, Dallin Palmer, and Spencer Peterson started Halda with the realization that conventional CTAs were ineffective and, frankly, boring. They didn’t drive action and they didn’t provide visitors with value. Halda realized that, through personalization, we could revolutionize how websites deliver value to their visitors, while featuring more relevant, engaging calls to action.

As we grow, Halda keeps sight of these foundational values: That if we can deliver high-quality, personalized content in a user-friendly way, our clients will see a significant boost in lead generation and lead quality. To see how these tools could work for you either schedule a chat or try our tools out right now in Try it Live, our personalized demo environment.

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